Moving GoCardless pre-authorisations to a new account

I am in the process of preparing to change from a partnership to a limited company. I have set up a new Quickfile account for the limited company and I have imported all the customer and supplier data successfully. I have a whole bunch of GoCardless Pre-authorisations set up on the partnership customers - can I just transfer these to the limited company by copying over the pre-authorisation IDs? Can this be done in advance or can those pre-auth IDs only exist on one Quickfile file at a time?

The pre-auth IDs can exist on multiple QF accounts. If we migrate the contacts for you it will copy over all those IDs. As long as the GC account doesn’t change, they should continue to work.

Many thanks for that Glenn - I have already done all the contacts but I shall remember that next time I change to a different entity!

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