Moving items to a new code

I have one item in my chart of accounts (7003) that does not give me the option of moving the unwanted items in that code to another code. What could the reason be? I have checked all the other codes and they all have that option at the top.
Thank you

NET Staff Salaries Paid (7003) is a system code so it doesn’t allow such items to be re-coded.

You can either detag and retag the item from the bank or journal it to the code you want.

But how come some of the system codes do allow it e.g.7100,6201

Some (maybe 12 in total) codes are restricted as the system automatically posts to these codes when you perform certain tagging events. If the system posts to such a code but that value disappears later it may cause some consistency problems. To be on the safe side we lock them.

I’m not sure specifically about 7003 but we could look at unlocking this. Although one of our engineers would need to assess the feasibility of this first. I would say a journal is the best quick-fix approach for the time being.

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