Moving money between projects

I run a theatre company and need to keep all in and out monies to each specific project we work on, hense my desire to use quickfile… the system works well for me as I can see p&l for each project as well overall… my question is, how do I move money from one project to another with out creating invoices?

I have two project tags at present ‘company’ (so I know the money not specifically for a project) and ‘safe mode’ (our latest production)

there is currently £825 in the account tagged to ‘company’, I would like reallocate £400 of that money and tag it to ‘safe mode’… so I keep to the budget and keep the full overview… how I am best achieving this?

Apologies for essay

How have you tagged the £825 to ‘company’?

The sudden switch in terminology from “project” to “account” makes me think that a little more explanation is needed.

Do you mean that you have dummy bank accounts in Quickfile to show what cash on hand is “owned” by each project?

Yes the £825 is tagged as ‘company’

apologies for the confusion

at present I am working with one bank account, separating money using project tags

I am intrigued by the ‘dummy accounts’ mentioned and wonder if that would be a bettet way to keep money separate? I’m guessing that way I would be able to tranfer money between the ‘dummy’ accounts? how do I set this up and would I still be able to get a full overview of all money?


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