MTD and connecting to HMRC

My Quick file account is not connecting to HMRC, I have queried this on this site before and have now had several discussions to HMRC.

HMRC say all is correct on their side - and quickfile states if it fails to connect HMRC it is HMRC’s issue.

The only thing I can see that may be an issue to the period to report - the HMRC message mentions that no data can be found for the period - I do not need to pay until March 2022 though I am registered to pay from 8 Aug. Surely even if I do not owe funds to HMRC I should be able to connect?

Any advice - HMRC advise finding another software if quickfile does not work.

Hi @Apple001

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues here.

What’s the exact error message you’re seeing within QuickFile?

first page states:
HMRC Connection Error

NOT_FOUND. The remote endpoint has indicated that no data can be found.

UNDER VAT Obligations it states:
HMRC have indicated that no data could be retrieved on the VRN (MY VAT number) for the selected period.

the selected period is where I wander if there is a issue with the period

Thanks for the details.

If you go to the HMRC page (this link), do you see this section?

If you then click on “View return deadlines”, you should see something similar to this:

Does this load all OK for you, and look as expected?

I get this section with VAT number - but on my page is is states:
‘you have no returns to submit’

I think this is likely to be the issue. As you’ve no returns, there’s nothing to show within QuickFile itself. If you’re expecting returns to show there, it may be worth discussing this with HMRC as they ultimately control this data.

So it is not possible to check the link is working unless HMRC are asking for a submission?

Think link is working, it’s just that HMRC are returning the error of “NOT_FOUND”, which means they’re not returning any data to us.

If it wasn’t a working link, I would expect an error more along the lines of “UNAUTHORISED”. The issue is, HMRC presents all errors in the same way. I will, however, feed this back to our developers to see if this can be made clearer in anyway.

Ok I will wait until HMRC demand a payment and see what happens - thanks.

Demand a payment or demand a return? The two are different.

First we need to establish what period your missing vat return relates to. If the period end is March 22 then you have until then for it to appear.

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