MTD Bridging

I really like this software but I’m considering maybe just using the MTD Bridging Module, whilst fiddle about in the free full version to fully test it.

  1. Does the free version allow use of the MTD function ? I think it’s only the first submission

  2. It appears that the full £45 yearly subscription is charged for the MTD Bridging Module ?

  3. Unrelated but saves yet another open topic: The wipe all data function looks like it doesn’t wipe ALL data as it provides check boxes, I would like to wipe the entries I’ve made thus far in my fiddling around to clear the decks. Sales, purchases. does everything go back to zero so to speak . I.E. invoice numbers etc


Hi @Keepitsimple

Yes. The bridging module will allow the submission of 1 of the bridging return for free, but then the Power User Subscription is required for additional submissions.

That’s correct.

If you tick the checkboxes, what you’ve ticked will be removed.

Thank you Matthew, gosh are you the only person answering all these queries ? You must be pretty busy or I just ask a lot of questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are three QuickFile staff on this forum (Matthew, Beth and Glenn) plus a group of established “power users” including myself, Lurch, FaradayKeynes, FolkLondon, etc. who help out with questions that don’t require access to specific accounts to answer.


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