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I am trying to file my clients VAT via MTD. I have set up and entered all the details. But I am getting an error message saying that VAT is not submitted. Can anyone help.


Hi @yogi,

Please can you confirm that you/your client has received the confirmation email from HMRC to confirm that they have successfully enrolled with MTD?

Hi Beth
I can confirn that my client has received the confirmation e-mail from HMRC to confirm that they have successfully enrolled for MTD.


Hi @yogi

What is the exact error message that you’re seeing please? I’m assuming this is once you click the “Submit” button on the return - is that right?

hi @yogi,

Are you able to give any more information on your issue for us to help you?


Hi Beth
The quickfile VAT return says that the VAT return has been submitted but so far I have not received any acknowledgement from the HMRC to say that they have received the return. So I am not sure if the return has been submitted or not,


The error message I received was that the “VAT return is not submitted. Submit the next Return” ie From April to June.

Hi Beth if this can not be resolved please do not bother as I am thinking of moving to a different software package where I can get some help over the telephone. It is very difficult to use a software where you can not talk to some one and get some help when there is a problem.After all this is not a free software anyway and if I pay a little more for another package then I will be able to get some help over the phone to resolve when a problem arise.
Kind Regards

I am having a similar issue & received same “VAT is not submitted” message even though I have used this before foe submission. I noticed however that when I went back into my VAT settings I was shown as no longer having the checkbox ticked for online filing. When I click this I find that it is looking for a password and branch number. Does anyone know how I get these.
I assume at the stage my VAT return did not happen.

That is what it needs if you’re not submitting through MTD. Tick the “use MTD features” box in your VAT settings and it should show you the drop down list to select a connected tax account instead of the user ID and password boxes.

If you haven’t yet connected your MTD tax account you can do that through “reports -> HMRC” - make sure you connect as an “organisation” rather than an “individual”.

There is no confirmation email on submission of an MTD VAT return - if the submission worked in QuickFile then it worked at HMRC, there isn’t the few minutes delay between submission and acceptance that you used to have under the old system. If you want to check, log in to, “view your VAT details”, then “submitted returns”, and you should see details of the return listed there.

Thanks Ian,

Strangely I guessed - and fortunately my guess was consistent with your comments . The only additional note for anyone reading this is that I had to roll back my VAT return before re-submitting it successfully.

Thanks again.

Hi Ian
I have checked the submitted returns in the HMRC website and I also spoke to them and they confirmed to me that they have not received the VAT return. They also told me to get in touch with the software provider. I do not know where I stand.

Hi @yogi,

I will send you a private message to get some more information so can help you further. Look out for the notification in the top right :slight_smile:

Hi Beth I have managed to submit it finally. This was to do with the VAT settings not turned on to file the VAT online. I think Charlie also had similar issue. Anyway it has been resloved successfully and I have got a receipt ID from the HMRC.

Kind Regards and thanks for the help anyway for Mathew,Ian and you.

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