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I have signed up to the Making Tax Digital scheme of HMR&C after receiving countless email reminders and seeing the feature described within my QuickFile interface as the new thing to go with for VAT returns etc…

Now my application has been approved and was successful. As a next step, I went into QuickFile under Reports --> HMRC to activate the MTD functionality.

When I tried to Connect to a new tax account, I had to realise that I can’t use the MTD features as an individual with QuickFile. Only organisations can use it.

Is there a plan of implementing that functionality for individuals?

Because if not, then it was pretty useless for me having signed up to the MTD scheme. It would be rather annoying if I’ll have to use entirely different software for this. Why would QuickFile tell me the whole time that I should sign up to MTD then?

Hi @flixo

At the moment MTD is only available for organisations (VAT)

Is it just the case that you have a HMRC account for both VAT and self assessment?

In fact, I’m a sole trader and I have two online accounts with HMR&C. One for VAT and one for my personal tax. Are you saying I would be able to use the MTD for VAT at least?

Hi @flixo,

Yes, you should be able to use MTD for VAT but not for personal Tax.

Hope this helps


I’m an individual and appear to have almost made this work for VAT on my Sole Trader business - hurrah!
I generated the correct VAT return and submitted it after registering for MTD with HMRC. Quickfile gave me a submission receipt and I confirmed with HMRC that they received it…

I got an email back from HMRC saying the submission “Failed HMRC Data Checks”. HMRC couldn’t help me with this either.
I’m told my submission went to the wrong portal - the old one not the MTD one and that HMRC support aren’t trained to resolve this.

I assume it’s an incorrect setting in my QuickFile account?


Hi @TServ,

Most likely reason for this, if it was submitted the old way, is that you haven’t updated your VAT settings:


you will need to first roll back the failed return before you are able to submit it again through MTD.

Hope this helps

Looking at my settings in QuickFile, that box isn’t ticked so it could well be the problem! I will have another go - and good point about rolling back the return just submitted first!

Thank you,

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Okay I needed to link the QuickFile to HMRC too, which I did and this time it’s worked! Thank you :slight_smile:

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