MTD issues - unable to submit VAT return


I have set up a QuickFile account last vat quarter due to the new MTD process and submitted return no problem.

I have gone to do latest return and it won’t let me submit. I have asked HMRC and they advised I have sent everything up correctly and that I need to get QuickFile to enable me to send returns via MTD. I have tried to do this and just not working. Please can anyone help or is there a phone number I can speak to someone on?

Many Thanks

What is the error message? Do you definitely have your HMRC account connected to QuickFile - if you go to reports -> HMRC can you get the list of VAT obligations and is the one you’re trying to file included as “open” in that list?

Hi @Erin1,

it may be worth working through this guide to make sure that everything is set up correctly:
HMRC Tax Accounts - MTD Returns

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks so much will give this a try. Fingers crossed.


Looks like I have managed to resolve this now. Thanks very much. One last question…I have put down it is a bridging return as I only want to do the VAT through MTD is that correct?


Hi @Erin1

The bridging module allows you to upload a document (e.g. a spreadsheet or CSV file) and use it as part of your VAT submission rather than inputting invoices into QuickFile.

If this is how you intend to submit the return, then enabling this is the right way to go.

Hope that helps!

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