MTD Link Failed

I’ve registered for MTD and had a confirmation email off HMRC. I’ve tried to link through QuickFile but my dashboard shows ‘Failed’ under status.

Not sure why. I click on Connect, sign into my HMRC account, click on Grant Authority, it then takes me back to my dashboard showing Failed.

Hi @Alimor,

Have you made sure that you’ve linked the correct gateway account?

It has the correct company name in the top right corner of the HMRC page when I get to cllick on Grant Authority.

I note on my dashboard it says under Status, Failed. But under VAT Link there is a tick.

The VAT link refers to your VAT settings so the link would be there but if the status is failed then there is something not right.

If you hover your mouse over the failed status it should give you an idea of the error

It might be worth logging out of HMRC in your browser and then linking again so you know you are logging into the correct one?

I wasn’t signed in apart from going through the linking in my dashboard, however I logged in separately then logged out again and tried again. Same thing.

I only got the confirmation email this morning, maybe if I wait a couple of days…?

I am having the same problem. I have been on holiday in Italy and while away received the email to re connect HMRC to quickfile. I have tried several times with no luck, and my tax return is late now.
Failed - says agent or client not authorised?? i have been filing for almost 2 years?

Hi @AlanWarren,

Have you checked through the troubleshooting guide: Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

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