MTD link failures

Have tried many times to connect to HMRC at the end of last month to submit a return.
Read knowledge sheet and checked setup many times
Checked spreadsheet
Check VAT registration is correct
checked with HMRC the registration is valid., it is.
checked that quickfile is authorized. on “manage permissions for tax software”
Reset tax accounts file many times
on connect goes to Gateway page and is authorized correctly jumps back to tax accounts shows connecting then failed internal server.
what am i doing wrong

Tried a different web browser?

Yes 3
Firefox edge chrome
2 different laptops and 1 desktop
With or without AV and or firewall.
I cant see any structural hardware issue.
I’ve reset the router tried 2.4 and 5 just to eliminate as much as I can.
I dont have any problem with communication normally , and before MTD had no proble submitting returns.

I only ask because of the internal server error. But sounds like something @QFMathew might need to look at.

I can’t see a topic like this on @QFMatthew so please refer it to him. I’m at a loss. It’s probably a simple settings error I’m not aware of the consequences.

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Hi @manbyltd

Are you able to share a screenshot of the error?

Have you definitely removed all the failed connections from the QuickFile end before you re-connect? You should disconnect everything leaving the table on reports → HMRC completely empty, and only then try to connect again - if there’s a failed connection in the table then it won’t work, even if there’s a successful one in there as well.

Hi Ian

Done that a few times.

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When I check for authorised software applications to check quickfile tax link I get 2 authorized links
View your vat information
Change your vat information

I’m wondering if there should be a third allowing submissions.


Please could you send us a screenshot of the internal error so that we can look into this for you.

You could also try removing the authority from HMRC side and then try relinking through QuickFile

De authorised and re authorised. No change
Notice vat settings dont save anymore

Hi @manbyltd

The error you’re seeing there is one sent to us by HMRC directly, so that’s an error on their end.

It may be worth giving them a call on the VAT helpline.

In the meantime, I would also reconnect your HMRC account within QuickFile. These types of errors are usually resolved after a short period.

I was having same issues, then i guess i got lucky ! after disconnecting the entires as seen above , by clicking the red X . Then a window popped up asking to reauthorise. having clicked on that i was then able to create and file the return. i think its only valid for 18 months thats why it locks you out . i think?

That’s correct. After 18 months, HMRC breaks the link between them and QuickFile and it will need to be re-authorised.

We do send a reminder out by email around 1 month before it’s due to be disconnected.

Hi Matthew Thanks Best G3

Hi. Im still having problems.
I have received a reply today from HMRC it hasnt worked although there seems to be an outage.

The question i need answerring is I created a return before linkinking and have also got a roll back is there anyway this could case an error and anyway of deleting the vat return.

Hi @manbyltd,

If you’ve already created a return you will need to roll this back in order to be able to submit through MTD - having this would not cause issues when linking with HMRC though


I had done that.

Have you any ideas I can try. I’ve run out.

Cleared web caches as well cancelled authorities and they come back the same.

It tries to connect and then goes to fail as if the handshake on the quickfile isn’t right.

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Hi @manbyltd

If you connect it, leave it connected. The error lies with HMRC and so hopefully if you have the connection there it should resolve itself soon.

If it doesn’t then you’ll need to contact HMRC

Okay .thanks for your help.

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