MTD - No Open period for Apr - June VAT return

Hi Ive had 3 conversations with HMRC now and so far nothing has been done to resolve this issue. Posting this in case you have previous experiance of similar.

I would like to submit my VAT return for apr - june. I can see the previous return listed and stamped as filed. However I have no open period for the next return.

Is this something I can resolve? or is as i feared something HMRC must do?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Neltec,

Unfortunately you’re going to have to speak with HMRC, the open periods you see on Quickfile are brought in directly from them.

Do you see anything different if you log in directly with them?

Thank you for the quick reply. It is as I feared.
You dont happen to know if they have a separate phone number or am I doomed with the general enquiry line?

Online it is the same. No open VAT periods.

The only ways I know is:

There is an online chat option (when it is available)

Thank you. I got through for a 4th time. Seems we had what they refer to as a 309 block. This was because they thought our address was wrong.

The block was removed but not in time to generate the apr-june return. We therefore have to wait until the next return is generated in August and file a 6 month return at the end of september.

Thanks for your help.

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