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MTD "Not yet authorised"?


I registered for MTD VAT returns on the HMRC website back in May but am getting the message “You are not yet authorised to view this report for the . Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.”

Is there anything in particular I need to do in Quickfile to submit my VAT return?


Do you have more than one government gateway account, and if so have you definitely connected the right one to QuickFile? It may be as simple as disconnecting, making sure you’re completely logged out of the government gateway in your browser, then running through the connection process again.

Thanks, that hasn’t made any difference.

When I unchecked the MTD option then re-checked it, it had used my QF login as the user ID, so I had to change that to my HMRC login (I only have one for the business and that’s the one I’m using). But thereafter it seemed to stay on my HMRC user ID. Not working though, same message.

Hi Ian

It worked - I hadn’t realised I was still signed in to QF on another browser when I made the changes. So once I logged out everywhere and back in, it worked.

However, after I “submitted” the return, it said at the top of the VAT return page " Your VAT return has been saved on QuickFile. PLEASE NOTE: This return was not submitted to HMRC , Please ensure that the relevant information is passed onto HMRC before the deadline."

It also said, under the pink box, “submitted 23 August”. Is there any way of checking on QF whether it has been submitted to HMRC?


Hi @Pelican10,

If it only says saved then it won’t have gone to HMRC. If you want to double check then you can log into HMRC and check your returns there.

You’ll need to check your VAT settings are correct for online filling and enabled for MTD. You will then need to roll back the saved return and submit it again

Thanks Beth

It says both “submitted” and “Not Submitted” as per the image here (at the top then under the pink box):

Where it says submitted it just means processed, bad use of the word. But it won’t have gone to HMRC. If you go on to the view of all your returns, it will say there ‘saved’ or ‘submitted’ if it is submitted it will also have a reference from HMRC

Thanks, so how do I roll back the return and re-submit?

Hi @Pelican10,

If you open up the saved return, at the bottom there should be a button to roll-back.

Once rolled back, you need to make sure that your VAT settings are all correct for online filing and MTD. Once you have confirm this you can then go to Reports> HMRC and find the relevant period to prepare and submit the return.

Hope this helps

Under MTD you no longer enter your gateway username and password directly into QuickFile, instead when you “connect” the account it will redirect you to sign in to the government gateway website directly. If you’re entering your credentials into the QuickFile settings page then that means you’re configured for the old pre-MTD online submission method.

On the vat settings page you must tick the “use MTD features” box, which should then remove the username and password fields and replace them with a drop down where you can select a connected tax account.

I did the roll-back, checked my details and all was correct, and re-submitted, but the same thing happened. So I did the roll-back again, tried what Ian suggested and made sure the “use MTD features” was ticked, and now I can’t create the return as it’s giving me the same original error (“not yet authorized”)


How do I re-configure to not use the user ID in QF? If I delete it, it says it needs it.

Have you signed up for MTD and had the confirmation email from them, as if you haven’t this is another reason why you would not be authorised

Yes, I have. I did that in May

If I go to the Reports > HMRC it says:

but the VAT liabilities page says:

and the VAT obligations says not yet authorized.

Can you advise? I don’t think I can “detach” the company from the HMRC page, and re-connect?


Do you have any ideas why my VAT return will still not work? It still has the above text when I look at the VAT settings.



I re-connected through the Reports > HMRC page, although my company was already showing in the “company” list there from May. I then disconnected the May account, re-did my VAT setting, and went ahead with the August account (despite being the same thing) and it worked.

I don’t know why it hadn’t worked previously, as I had authorised QF to work with HMRC, and had the HMRC “registered for MTD” email, but it is now submitted.


Hi @Pelican10,

Glad you’ve managed to get it sorted

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