MTD Period Report - Cash Basis

I’ve just started to use the MTD report to show income / expenditure on a cash basis (it’s great that I can finally do this as the rest of QF is accrual basis) - I need to collate all of the info for the end of the tax year however, so it would be great to run a report for the whole year - rather than three monthly periods. Could greater flexibility be added so the date ranges aren’t restricted to three months.

Hi @chrisaustin87,

Thank you for suggesting this, we will leave this open to see if others feel the same.

Thanks :slight_smile:

yes please, this would be really useful - many users wont be aware that only the vat figures are selectable on a cash basis - i only found out because i’m a new user and double checked everything with a calculator
(i’m not new to accounts just new to quickfile from wave)

Yes please add me to the list of people requesting this feature. As someone who is also migrating to QF from Wave, I am finding that the only feature that is missing is the ability to handle cash basis accounting.
QF is otherwise ideal for very small businesses such as mine, but many, many sole traders only use cash basis accounting.

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