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MTD periods missing VAT

Hi, I’ve a new client who is way behind on his VAT. On checking my ASA he has VAT returns outstanding from 1 November 2019 but when I attempt to file on QuickFile it only shows VAT quarters from 1 May 2020. I spoke to HMRC today and they have confirmed the last VAT period filed was quarter ending 31 October 2019, he was signed up to MTD 3 July 2019. Have you any idea why this would be?


Hi @Mushroom

The VAT periods are controlled by HMRC, so we display whatever they present to us.

Just double-check that it’s not hidden - for example, if you go to Reports >> HMRC >> Select the account >> VAT Obligations, then this is a paginated list.

If it’s definitely not there, you would need to speak to the VAT helpline.

Hi, defo not there, I spoke to the online helpdesk there and they passed the buck to you, I’ll call them back and see what they say.

Apologies, I must be blind, just seen the ‘previous year’ tab. Thanks!

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No problem! Glad you managed to sort it :slight_smile: