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Hello everyone. Please can someone help me? I have a client who is a sole trader. I have been submitting VAT returns through QF absolutely fine, however I have now just gone through the MTD instructions to link his account to my new mtd agent services - it says it is all ok on QF - however when I click to generate VAT return I am getting an error message saying the link is not working - I have been waiting days for the email from HMRC which hasn’t arrived. The worst thing is that the error message won’t even let me view the VAT Calcs to submit through my old gateway so I don’t miss the submission deadline. I am on holiday in Cornwall and brought my laptop as had this problem before I left… I am at wits end. Please can anyone help me urgently??

Thank you!

Hi @KHowell75,

If you have not had the email through from HMRC yet then this will be why you are not able to see the link through QuickFile.

All I can suggest is contacting HMRC directly. I do know they have had some delays with the number of people registering around this time.

Hi Beth, thank you am just looking at that now. I have just received an email from HMRC saying that I have a message in relation to this - but frustratingly there is no message on my login.

Thank you I will give them a call. The previous bookkeeper set my client up as a Limited company on QF - when he is actually a sole trader. I have just recently set him up as a Limited Company and applied for a VAT number for him… I was wondering if HMRC are confusing the two as his submissions from QF shouldn’t be in a LTD capacity. Would that cause a problem do you think?

Many thanks

I wouldn’t have thought so as the submission is based on the VAT number, there are slightly different nominals between sole trader and LTD so this would be the only thing that might make a difference.

Ok Beth, thank you! I am just calling HMRC now. So frustrating!

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@QFBeth Is there any way I can retrieve the VAT information from QF so that I can file my clients VAT manually online please?

if you remove the MTD settings you should be able to go to Reports > VAT Returns and generate one that way. If you used to submit online through quickfile then you can re-enter the username password etc, enable online filing - the only thing with this is if the MTD registration has gone so far it may error when trying to submit using the old method.

@QFBeth ok thank you - I will give that a try at least then I can sort this all out with a little more time and when my WIFI is more reliable!

Thanks for all your help.

Hi @KHowell75,

Good luck! and hope you manage to get it sorted

There have been a number of people having trouble with setting up MTD where it turned out they have two different IDs on the Government Gateway and had connected the wrong one to QuickFile - I’d always recommend you make sure you’re completely logged out from the gateway before starting the connection process (e.g. use a private browsing/incognito window) to make sure you’re logging in as the correct one.

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