MTD stops me submitting VAT return

I am trying to create a VAT return and am being told I need to register with MTD.

I have done that but now it will not create a VAT return and give me the following message:

You are not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN 887459454 . Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.

The problem is that I am going on holiday tomorrow so will not be able to deal with it after today and my VAT return is due on 30th April

Peter Harris

Hello @drpeej

This usually suggests one of a few things, so it worth checking these in the first instance:

  • Are you registered for MTD?
  • Have you received confirmation of the enrolment onto MTD, and if so, have you waited 24-48 hours?
  • Have you linked the correct HMRC account to your QuickFile account?

If it’s the return for the period to 31st March then the deadline is 7th May, not 30th April.

I still can’t create a VAT return and am getting a bit desperate as I really don’t know what the problem is.

I have registered for MTD but I can’t find any confirmatory email. I dont know how to link an HMRC account to my quickfile account. I am still away on holiday and won’t be back until the deadline so this is turning into a bit of a nightmare. Is it possible to un do the MTD settings so I can calculate a VAT return in the normal way and submit it online like I usually do? I didn’t think that small businesses had to use MTD yet


I have managed to disable MTD in Quickfile so I can at least see my VAT calculations.

As I am voluntarily registered for VAT with a turnover less than £85k according to the HMRC site I dont need to use MTD yet


Hi Peter

If you haven’t received an email from HMRC confirming your registration I would contact the VAT helpline and they should be able to advise further. You can also log into the HMRC website and this will tell you whether you are registered on MTD or not.

It’s worth noting that if you have registered for MTD (voluntary or not), then HMRC will reject all non-MTD compliant returns.

You can link an account by going to Reports >> HMRC. From the error you gave in your initial post it seems that you have linked an account. My concern was whether this is the correct account. Some users have multiple HMRC accounts (e.g. one for corporation tax, one for EC sales, one for VAT).

I am now having panic attacks about this.

I am on holiday in a place with no phone. With great difficulty I managed to get a mobile signal but HMRC keeps cutting me off.

I cannot see anything that helps me on my gateway account.

This is stress I could do without while on holiday.

Any suggestions how I can escape from this nightmare?


Hi @drpeej,

You have until the 7th May to submit your VAT return.

If you log in directly with HMRC you can see whether or not you are registered for MTD. IF you are not registered then you can submit your return as before. IF you are registered then you should have received a confirmation by email - you should then be able to see the VAT account providing you have updated your VAT settings in your QuickFile account.

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