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MTD VAT adjustment

I need to make a VAT adjustment every quarter relating to private use of a holiday let - increasing my VAT liability. The new MTD form won’t allow me to enter an adjustment directly. How can I enter it? This seems a slightly different problem than the adjustment not being reported - it’s that I can’t enter it on the form at all.

It should be exactly the same as the old form, clicking the little triangle to the right of a box opens the adjustment field below.

It does indeed open the box, but it won’t let me type an entry to replace the 0.00 in the adjustment box.

Weird, it definitely works for me - I obviously can’t edit the adjustments on a return that’s already been saved, but I can when I prepare a new one. What web browser are you using? It works for me in Opera and Chrome.

I was trying to amend the wrong box… So sorry and thanks for your time.

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