MTD VAT returns needing filed


I am new to QuickFile and my business has a number of VAT returns o/s.

I have linked the MTD and account is active with HMRC, however it doesn’t show the first VAT quarter that needs to be filed. It has included these figures in the next return. Can anyone help please

Hi @paullooker,

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When you say that it isn’t showing the first VAT quarter, do you mean when you go to file one it isn’t showing as open?

Yes, that’s correct. its only showing the latest 4 open returns, but there is a 5th, the businesses first one that is not showing a open, yet its showing as o/s on my HMRC online account

Hi @paullooker

It may be worth speaking with HMRC directly about this as they supply us with a list of periods - this isn’t something we generate ourselves.

Thank you, I thought it might be something to do with the Quickfile system only being able to show a max of 4 returns or cover a year. Will get in touch with HMRC and see if that resolves the issue.

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Sometimes hmrc get the period numbers wrong when showing the returns due to be filed. They are aware of the issue and will resolve it for you

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