MTD VAT Submissions suddenly stopped working?

Have already submitted under MTD but suddenly its not working - any suggestions?

Hi @tracyannw

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced some issues here.

In what way is it not working - for example, are you seeing any error messages?


Its just kept saying it was not connecting but I have got it now thinking maybe HMRC was temporarily down?

Thanks for responding anyway and have a happy new year!

I have double checked that I am registered for MTD and checked everything is good with quickfile but It still says failed, I think I should wait until after 19th January when it expires and see if it will connect after that. I would just have like to get it done and move on! Not sure if it is HMRC or not?

Hi Mathew,

My MTD link has also stopped working; initial error was that the authorisation had expired, so I re-authorised the app through HMRC, 2 days later it is still showing as status “Failed” within the dashboard.

It still also has an error when I try to submit a new return of unable view report - check VAT number (done) and to wait 24 hours after enrolling on scheme (currently over 48 hours since re-enrolling)

Resolved my issue by removing Quickfile authorisation, then re-adding.

Hi @AdamM,

Have you double checked your VAT settings are all enabled and correct? have you also revoked and relinked your HMRC connection within QuickFile?

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