Multi-currency issue

The multi-currency feature seems to have a bug. While I select the correct currency, for some transactions, once you save the payment, it converts to the default GBP. So instead of 9000 ALL showing as around 45 GBP, it shows up as 9000 GBP. Has anyone encountered this before?

It may just be me, but where is the 45 coming from?

9000 ALL is more or less equivalent to 45 GBP.

Makes sense! Didn’t think ‘ALL’ was a currency.

If the payment is in a back account (eg you’re entering the payment is manually entered), and the back account is GBP, then it can’t be changed. A bank account can only be one currency

There’s more than likely a workaround, but I’m not 100% sure as i don’t actually use this feature - maybe someone else will comment on this for you

Can you provide more detailed steps? I.e. someway we can reproduce that behaviour.