Multiple Credit Notes on one purchase

I raised an invoice for the purchase of 6 products. All OK there!

Then I returned one of the items and raised a credit note (£14.24 returned, one of the 3 off downlights) All still OK!

I’ve returned a second item from the original invoice, so tried to raise a second credit note from the original invoice, here starts the problem…

If I open the original invoice the parts I bought and the price I paid is displayed correctly, there is a note in the footer saying a credit note has been raised etc

Now click on ‘More Options’ / ‘Credit Note’

The prices for all the items have changed.

You have to manually change the prices back to the original purchase price for the item your crediting and then save the credit note.

I can see what is happening, the value of the first credit note is deducted as a percentage off the prices of all the parts bought

I assumed there would be an actual value applied to the invoice showing the credit, rather than taking off the credit from all the separate items in the invoice.

Don’t suppose too many people raise multiple credit notes against a single purchase, so probably not a big problem.


I think you are perhaps over-complicating the process. Easiest thing to do here is just send all receipts into the receipt hub and tag from there, saves having to manually do line by line. Makes it easier for credit notes as well if you keep a copy of all of those. Then as far as Quickfile is concerned everything tallies and if anyone wants detailed info the attached documents show the full picture.

Obviously nothing wrong with doing it your way but for small purchases it is a bit excessive.

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I’ve never tried the receipt hub, I’ve found one way that works and stuck to it!!

I’ll go and look at the alternative!


Probably want to start here then;

I read this when I started using Quickfile and it covers most day to day functions once you get going.

And in addition to that, specific to the issue at hand, Screwfix automatically send me an emailed invoice for every purchase so all I have to do is forward it to the receipt hub and tag it. 2 minute job no matter how many items and a fully itemised copy within Quickfile.

I’m going off topic here…

I’m onto it!

Downloaded Camscanner to my android phone.

Scanned a few receipts, but I’m not feeling the love for this…

I always have an issue about creating purchase invoices from tagging, you only get one line to enter the description of the items bought. I want the ability to enter multiple lines of description, so I can allocate each item to a separate category, i.e. if I’ve bought tools and parts on the same receipt, then I want to be able to categories to general purchases & Plant / Machinery for example.

Maybe I’m either over complicating things (probably!) or not understanding how I’m supposed to be recording my purchases.

Each to their own, pretty much everything I buy is a general purchase, plant & machinery I’d use for JCB’s and tractors.

If you really wanted to split things into different nominals you can always edit the purchase invoice later, so for the most part you could probably upload receipts and tag via the receipt hub as I’m sure most invoices and receipts are in a single category, and then when required modify and split a purchase after creating it from the receipt hub.