Multiple Invoice Layouts

Is it possible to have multiple invoice layouts as I invoice on a per hourly basis and on a whole project

You can set up multiple templates from the invoice gallery, but you would have to change them on a invoice-by-invoice basis. Just click the little green box in the top left corner to use them.

If you need any help, please feel free to ask :smile:

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that. But thanks for your response Parker1090, maybe I should out this in as a request.

If all you want to do is invoice by hourly basis on some invoices and as a complete total on other invoices you can still select “Time event line” and “Item lines” when you’re creating your invoices.

Time event lines can be used when you’re quoting your hourly rate and item lines can be used for the project total invoices.

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Hi Glenn, thanks for your response. This is exactly what I need, cheers mate

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Sorry I didn’t quite understand what you meant first of all! Glad Glenn sorted it for you though :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone in helping me on this request, love the system and it is perfect for my business. Keep up the great work.


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