Multiple Journal Facility

Is there a way of entering split unominal ledger journal rather than making 2 seperate journal entries to record the transaction.

For example if I want to move £120 from suspense and put £100 to postage and £20 to motor expenses, can this be done on one journal entry as follows;

Cr- suspense £120
Dr -Postages £100
Dr - motor expenses £20

Can’t see how you do this.

Yes, you can put in any combination of debits and credits in a journal as long as the totals on each side match.


As @ian_roberts points out, you can create multiple entries in one journal providing nboth sides balance.

You can add extra lines by clicking the plus icon - the same as an invoice entry form

Ok great- read the knowledge base but it did not mention about adding extra journal lines via the + button. Thanks for your help.