Multiple Sales Orders with no Invoice

I am using a sales package that has multiple sales orders per purchaser with no visible invoice. I would like to import this data but has yet have not successful. Any advice on completing this exercise?
I have a similar problem in importing sales clients as it appears to reject duplicate client names.

Any sale needs to be attributed to an invoice, you can import sales invoices using this tool. I don’t understand what you mean by a sales order without an invoice? Are you taking some sort of deposit?

WebCollect_CLP_payments_2014-01-13_2014-01-20.csv (3.5 KB)

I have uploaded an partial example of the sales report. I would assume the sales orders would be in principle be items within an invoice.
As my sales relate to club members how best can I represent them when import the client details ie Company Name?

Only if all the sales on that list relate to the same member (client in QF terms). Otherwise they would be logged separately to distinct invoices that match the actual payments being received. I notice you’re collecting funds via GoCardless so everytime a subscription is collected it would appear on the GoCardless merchant account for the individual amount collected which would be linked to a sales invoice.

Not sure if this helps, it explains how to account for GoCardless payments:

As you state I am already using GoCardless through a 3rd Party WebCollect. WebCollect manages all the Clubs subscriptions, events and club kit. WebCollect manages only Sales, it does not provide any purchase accounting.

How do I setup and manage GC holding account and reconcile with my bank accounts?
Will setting up the holding account effect my current setup with WebCollect?
Does linking QF with GC match the client?

So another way is just to create a merchant bank account called WebCollect or GoCardless and enter bulk sales for a given period (e.g. each month). So all income would be entered as one invoice for the given period, one transfer to the current account (NET of any charges) and the difference as a money out from the merchant account and tagged to a purchase under ‘bank charges’. Best explained here I think…

Handling Payments from Merchant Accounts

Thanks I will give it a try…

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