Multiple Sales Partial payment

We were in the process of banking a cheque that covers 2 sales invoices for the same client. Unfortunately it was a partial payment.
We entered the invoice management screen ticked the 2 invoices and update as paid, then tick the “Allocate one lump payment then use this to pay down selected invoices”. But we could not alter the amount. We then reverted to “Log Payment” for each invoice.
Had I done this correctly or should the “one lump payment” have worked?

I would tag this from the bank. Enter the total of the cheque then select “payment from a customer” and select the option “Pay down multiple invoices or assign to a client account”.

Once you enter the client name all their outstanding invoices will appear where you can apply the balance.

In bookkeeping you typically pay down invoices on the basis of first raised, first paid. So in that respect you want be able to allocate specific amounts of the cheque to specific invoices without fully paying that invoice.

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