Multiple Stripe Account with Active Feed

Hi there,
We have 2 Stripe merchant accounts, and I need to add the 2nd Stripe account to QF - no problem there. however, I would like to activate an Active feed for the second account, but it seems to limit me to a single feed for Stripe. Is there a way to get 2 active feeds from Stripe?

Hi @symanix

At this moment in time we only support one Stripe feed on the account, but we can certainly consider this as part of future development.

For now, I’ve moved this to the #feature category and will let you know if anything changes here.

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Just trying to chase this up - we have multiple Stripe accounts due to different trading names/text for user bank statements. Would love to be able to have multiple Stripe accounts in QuickFile.

Hi symanix, expertoswp and Richie
Until quickfile made a decision you could may use zapier. You could link your 2nd stripe account over zapier to quickfile. There should be 2nd ways of doing this: 1) Every time there is a payment over your stripe account it will trigger a bank entry in your chosen bank account. I think you will may need 2 zaps, 1 for the customers payment and 1 for the fee stripe charges you but I am not sure about this. It is also possible that you still have to enter the stripe fee manually.
2) When there is a payment over stripe it can trigger a new sales invoice in quickfile. In quickfile you can adjust your invoices so that every new invoice will create a bank entry in your chosen bank account. For that you have to enter a 2nd entry in your bank account manually for the stripe fee.
I know, it is not perfect, it is a little work-around but may worth to check it out.

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Maybe the solution would be having one merchant account with Stripe, the various “Trading Names” used can still be appropriated to the corect trading description by using “Bank Tagging” rules within QuickFile

Also by having one Stripe account you may be in position to negotiate a more favourable commisssion rate, plus the reconciliation of statements is reduced by 50%!

Merge the two and make life easier?

This isn’t about how it appears in QuickFile, it’s about having the different trading names appear as such on the customers’ own credit card or bank statements (“card payment to XYZ”). As far as I know, each stripe account has only one “statement descriptor”.

Hi - we have a Stripe GBP account and we’ve just started a Stripe USD currency option alongside (within the same Stripe account, with the GBP feeding into a UK bank and the USD feeding into a Wise account). I’m not sure how to ensure currency gains/losses and fees in USD feed into QuickFile. Any suggestions/advice appreciated. Thanks, Steve

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@QFMathew and @QFSteve - I’ve got a similar problem. I have a Stripe account which is (at the moment) exclusively used by clients in the US. The account feed in QF is in pounds, though, and this is playing merry hell with reconciliations as the invoices in dollars are not matched by the automatic currency conversion that QF applies, then posts into the Stripe account!