My account has been wiped out!

I think my quickfile account has been hacked as I was logged out and then unable to log back in
I reset the password and now it seems I can only access a very basic home page…all my data has disappeared…any suggestions?

Did you recently create a “client” record using the same email address as you use to log in normally? That can sometimes cause this kind of behaviour as it treats you as if you’re logging in as a customer (only able to see your own specific invoices) rather than an administrator (able to see everything).

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It’s possible as the last thing I was to create a new client…if that’s the case how would I rectify it?

You probably need help from @QFSupport as they’ll need to fix it in their back end - suggestion to support, how difficult would it be to add a validation rule so you can’t create a client contact with the same email as a team member?

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