My bank feeds have stopped!

Our bookkeeper has recently left us and I have discovered that my bank feeds have not been running since the 18th January, I didn’t realise that the new “Bank Feeds” feature was to become mandatory and that the old “free” feeds would be stopped!!!

I’ve now paid for the feed, but how do I get all of my data up to date?

Hi @Vince_Corbin,

When you refresh the bank feed you should be able to select “from” and “to” dates. With this you will only be able to bring through the previous month of transactions - this is a restriction the banks have set.

If you need more transactions than those that can be pulled through there is an option to upload a .csv statement. You will be able to download these from your online banking site.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks QFBeth,

I have done what you suggest but I still have two issues:

  1. When downloading the missing transactions from Barclays, which format should I be using?
  2. I have 2 Barclays accounts, Current and Savings accounts, but having registered the feed for the Current account I don’t seem to be able to register a feed for the Savings account! Can you advise how I can do this?

Oops, I should have read your reply properly, sorry. I’ll download the csv file.

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I’ve uploaded the missing transactions from the Current account now, so that’s all fine.

However, I still can’t find a way of connecting the Savings account to a feed!
Any ideas?

Glad you’ve sorted the transactions. With regards to the savings account this isn’t available through Open Banking currently but you are able to access via a Yodlee bank feed. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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