My client has granted me rights

My client has granted me full unfettered rights by accessing Team Management and then ticking all the boxes and then saving.

I have logged and and logged in but no rights are granted.

Any advice?

It works the other way round, ticking the box means you can’t access that function. To give you full access rights you would need to untick all the boxes.

Took me a few attempts to work that one out as well.

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Thanks for that. It seems a*** about t ** to me.

I love the software but this is stupid.

Problem is I have never had a client demand to be the administrator. Have had to draw up a disclaimer that says he is responsible for all entries as I have no idea what he might do the bank account etc and then blame me!

It makes sense from a software design point of view. It means if we add a new restriction later, we don’t need to add an extra flag to 30,000 accounts. It’s more economical to add restrictions per account to a database rather than work the other way around, consumes a fraction of the space in the DB.

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