My Country Address


All my transactions are UK based (I work in UK) but I live in Europe. Can I create an address in France for my business on the initial setup. There is a dropdown box but this does not seem to work If not can I amend the Invoice template for a Manual Address? I can see I can remove Country Address on a Invoice

Thank you

At the moment we only support UK based businesses and the base currency is always set to GBP.

We are likely in the future to open QuickFile up to other countries but we don’t have any fixed time frame for this as yet I’m afraid.

Thankyou Glenn

As everything I do is UK based that is fine. But can I put my address in as Text for Invoice purposes?

By the way I really like your website. Is there anywhere I can practice? I have set up a dummy company which hopefully I can delete later. I cannot dispose of the uk postcode!

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