My opening transfere transaction does not tally with my opening balance

I have made an opening transfer into my current account but my balance shows far more than opening transfer.

Have you entered an opening balance for the account as well as the initial transfer?

Hi Mathew.
Yes. Whilst importing my initial bank statement. My opening balance included my initial deposit transfere, I think I should have entered it in a directors loan account, i have just done this and it seems to make sense. Is that right. If so. Can I just remove the initial balance transaction from my current account?

If you go to the Chart of Accounts and then drill down on the bank account from there (between codes 1200-1299) it will show you every entry that makes up that balance.

Thankyou Glenn. I entered my Directors loan account and entered my original balance transfere twice it seems. All corrected now. Thankyou Glen and Mathew. I will say though. For once in ten years of trading.First 9 as a sole trader ,this year as a limited company. I do have a grip on my accounts. It’s very liberating. Thankyou QuickFile. Thankyou Forum

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