My Suspense Account has a huge, non zero balance

Hi Giles,

In my QF account, I have a huge, non zero balance even though my entries in the other bank accounts (current, GoCardless, etc) are all correctly tagged. The suspense account entries are duplicates of the other accounts’ entries. The P&L report shows this huge suspense account as one of the entries so the P&L does not make sense.

How do I correct this and get rid of these suspense account entries?



If you go into Reports > Chart of Accounts, you will find the suspense account there (9998). If you click on the little magnify glass, does it show anything?

You can also click on the little question mark there to see where it’s come from

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Yes, I have 5 pages of entries.

So from there you should be able to see where the originate from, e.g. what bank account etc. Do you definitely have nothing untagged in any bank account?

There are some untagged entries, the latest ones, but for 90% of the entries, the entries in the originating accounts are tagged correctly. Do you want access to the account?

Is it the account 335 you’re looking at? I can see 100s of untagged bank entries here.

Hi Glenn,

Yes, that’s the one. I’m going through the accounts updating everything. The year I’m most interested in is 1/11/13 to 31/10/14, ready for the next tax submission. Many of the entries in that year are tagged in their originating accounts, so should they disappear from the suspense account as a result?



The suspense account shows untagged entries. So as you tag them, they should disappear from the suspense account.

Even before 31/10/2014 there are quite a lot of untagged bank entries. If you tag these then run the P&L again it should be close to zero.

That’s what I thought, but many entries are still showing in the suspense account after being tagged
. I’ll finish off updating the accounts then I’ll post some entries to illustrate what I mean.

Thanks and Cheers


OK, Glenn. I’ll finish tidying up the accounts

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