My Workspace Cases

Is there any way to remove cases from ‘my workspace’?

I currently have this message on my dashboard:

“You have one or more active jobs with your accountant/bookkeeper, click here for details.”

& would like to remove it.


If you log into your Affinity account and click on the Workspaces tab. In the detail screen for that case you will have an option to VOID or mark as COMPLETED. Once you’ve completed this action the banner will disappear.

Let me know if you get stuck.

No idea how to get into that sorry! I think someone else might have set it up.

Are you able to help?

The primary account holder for this account is also the account holder for the Affinity account the workspace is setup on. If you ask the account holder to log into their Affinity account they will be able to removed that case.

They will be able to log into Affinity on the link below: