Nat west - unable to export using Chrome plugin


Since nat west changed log in screen I am unable to export bank to quickfile. It does not work if you log in manually. Nat West have stated that that 3rd parties cannot log in, feel like I am being fobbed off. Has anyone managed to export since Nat west changed login screen? if so can you please advise. Many thanks

Hi @penny2

The login change was mentioned by another user a week ago, although the manual export still works all OK (original thread can be seen here).

When you say “it does not work if you log in manually”, are you seeing any error messages that could help us reproduce this issue?

Hi Mathew

When I try to login through the plugin, I get the following message
Plugs were blocked on this page
then underneath
Adobe flash player
then underneath it states
Run all plugins this time

But it wont work.

If I access Nat West manually, I can see all accounts but when I press export the bank statements will not go directly into quickfile, it states there is nothing to export?

thanks for your help with this

I’m not sure why flash being blocked would affect it - the QuickFile plug in doesn’t use flash.

Do you access the NatWest page directly, or by clicking the QuickFile plug in and selecting “NatWest” from the list? Do you still see the blue icon on Chrome for the plugin?

From what you’ve described, it sounds as if either the plugin isn’t running, or it’s been blocked by Chrome. I’ve just tried this from my end, and it seems to load all OK.

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