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Nationwide bank feed


Hi I ve set up a bank feed and have a NW credit card acct and flex account. The bank feed is extracting data from the credit card only . Same acct info entered as when I was manually extracting.
How can I correct this?


Hi @jojo26

Welcome to the community.

Can I just check what type of feed you’re using please; is it an Open Banking or Yodlee feed?


Hi Mathew, Its a Open Bankfeed- subscription QF. thx


Hi @jojo26

Thanks for your reply.

I would imagine that the credit card feed is actually a Yodlee feed rather than an Open Banking one (apologies - I misread your original post).

Is there a feed active on your flex account at the moment? If you go to the bank statement view and go to More Options >> Bank Feed Settings, does everything look OK? If you don’t see this option, then it’s likely it’s not set up.

The Open Banking feed should work fine for the current account (which I believe is what the Flex account is?). You can check this is set up correctly by going to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds. If it’s not (e.g. it’s not listed, or it’s been disconnected), you can start the process here too.


Hi @jojo26,

Have you managed to resolve this now?