NatWest Bank Feed - QuickFile bar not appearing

I Have been using the NatWest bank feed for a long time and all of a sudden it is not working. The drop down bar is not appearing. It is still appearing on the different banks. Can you please help?

Hi @Christini10

I’m not able to replicate this - it seems to work all OK for me:

Have you installed any new plugins recently? Are you also using the ‘NatWest’ link under the plugin?

Make sure you don’t have Natwest remembering your customer number. There should be a box to uncheck if this is the case. After that the QuickFile settings panel should appear.

Thanks for this, I went in and cleared all my browsing history and the cache and its now working again. Don’t know what happened but I remember at the time it stopped working Natwest had done a security update. Thanks for your help

Do you have any other Chrome extensions running? You may want to disable these one by one as it’s possible another extension is blocking the bank feed settings panel.

I’ve tested again and it works fine for me, no changes at Natwest that would restrict this. Just make 100% sure that your customer number isn’t still being pre-filled on the first page of your login.