Natwest Chrome plugin

Not sure if this is a Quickfile issue or Chrome? on the plugin settings you have the choice to save cust number and pin I have selected these to save time and then just have to enter my password each time I need to import a statement or login, however, recently the password has also been saved causing security issues, I have cleared the cache in the Chrome settings and selected do not save passwords, but now I find myself having to enter all details everytime I login including Quickfile acc no and the Quickfile import key, if I revert back so these two are saved it also saves the password again, I am lost as to why this is no longer working? I have also noted that the Natwest website has changed the layout slightly, therefore the import statement function is not working correctly from the plugin banner at the top of the screen.

Hope you can help


The perils of bank feeds!! It seems Natwest changed the title of a single page by one letter and this caused all the issues you described. As the feed didn’t know it had successfully logged in it didn’t purge the values. We’re pushing over a fix to Google today, your plugin will automatically update in 24 hours.

I can imagine your frustration Glenn! many thanks once again for all your help and wish all at Quickfile a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


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Glad to help, have a merry Christmas and New Year!