Natwest feed - wrong account

when i imported the NW feed today it took my private account transaction and the business account transactions instead of only the business account. The setup of the plugin states the correct account, i have not changed anything since my last import end of June.

Anyone with a similar problem ? Any idea how to mend this?

Thanks a lot!


Just to clarify, did you press the import button to auto-login and retrieve the latest feed? Or did you first login then manually export the feed? With NW there are usually a series of check boxes to specify which accounts to include on the feed. If you click the login button first, then manually perform the export this should work fine as you will be able to vet which accounts are included.

I can only assume that the auto-import process may be just picking up from the last export and not clearing any flags. This may be due to some subtle change with the NW web layout.


it it sorted. I did a manual download on the website weeks ago where I ticked “All accounts”.
i did not realise that the plugin picks up on this.

Thanks, it is working now again.


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