Natwest Link not working

Hi I have just recently started using Quick file as my accountants have switched to this. I have followed the instructions to link my Natwest account using the Chrome extension. The extension quickfile bar appears at the top and I choose to import transactions. I am logged in and taken to the download transactions page and then nothing happens. I can then download the transactions but they are saved, us usual, to my pc. There is no Export to Quickfile button displayed.

My Natwest login is for my personal accounts and business accounts and I have three business accounts I want to link to Quickfile. Is this the cause? When it does work what will Quickfile do with the transactions for all three accounts will it correctly attribute the transactions to the correct account I have setup in Quickfile? (Based on account number and sort code). I only ask this because when I manually import a statement from Natwest that has transactions for all my accounts quickfile does not check which account each transaction is for and instead just loads them into one account.

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Hi @MichaelSowa

Welcome to QuickFile :slight_smile:

The QuickFile chrome extension will generally work only for the business accounts and not personal. Unfortunately, there are many limitations with the way we do it, but it’s the only possible way of doing so until the banks implement an API (you’re welcome to prod your bank about getting one of these ;))

Have they changed their interface recently? When you login, some banks will download them automatically, others will need the ‘Export to QuickFile’ button to be clicked.

The software will try to link up the banks by using their account numbers and sort codes. They will however, all appear in your dashboard for you to check before anything is added.

You may also find this article useful.

I hope that helps?

The ting is Natwest give you one login for all the personal and business accounts. I am only interested in downloading business account transactions. The interface is the same with Natwest for business and personal, its one unified system, so the quickfile should work. But it doesn’t :frowning:

I don’t have access to a NatWest account, so I’m not able to check unfortunately, but will ask my colleague to see if he can help.

The interfaces may look the same, but what QuickFile sees if the underlying code - any differences there could throw it off.

If you go to the Statements page, then Download/Export Transactions, here you should see the button with the account selection and the option to “Export to QuickFile”.

It should look something like this:

It will only work with Natwest Business accounts to my knowledge. This should then export the results directly to your QuickFile account.

Do you see something as per the above?

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your help - I was clicking on the Import Transactions from the Chrome Extension and the export to quickfile doe snot show from that route. So I tried logging in only and going to the export transactions page and it now works.

One question. I have 3 bank accounts in Quickfile and 3 accounts in Natwest. What’s the best way of getting the transactions for all accounts to Quickfile? DO I need to manually alter the account number in the extension settings each time?

You don’t need to manually change the bank account number in the Chrome feed settings. Instead you can go through and perform an Export to QuickFile individually for each account. Then once you log into QuickFile you should have 3 feeds to sync up, so you can just process each one linking it to the appropriate bank account profile in QuickFile.

Let us know if you get stuck with anything.

Great Glenn that make sit easier I will try that shortly.

Am I right in thinking that Quickfile can automatically retrieve new transactions without any manual intervention once its linked to my Bank?

Unfortunately not (it would be fantastic if we could!).

The way the banks allow access to data means that we have no other way to access it other than through your browser - with the exception of Barclay’s (which is automated). So every time you have new transactions, log in, click the export button, and they’ll appear in your QuickFile account

Ahh ok our accountants use Barclays so that’s where the missunderstanding has come from. That makes sense then.

Thanks for your help