Need client statement for specific month or for defined date range


I want to review customer statement for specific month like April, May and so on or with defined date range for example 01-04-2020 to 30-04-2020 but I am not getting the statement by entering the custom date range.

Then what is the use of this option:

For some customers, I really need statement for specific date range but I am not geeting through this option.

Please advice…

Are you clicking the refresh button after changing the dates?

Yes, Nquery asking right question. I have tried to recreate senario, refresh button. All transaction still showing.

Unpaid invoices, will always show, regardless of date created, so an August invoice, unpaid will still show on an April only statement.

Payments and paid invoices are current to the period of the statement.

This method works great going forward, as open invoices will always show, rather then an open balance only figure, but doesn’t work so great if you are creating statements further back, like April, May or June and you have July or August invoices, as these open invoices will show.

The best method is to send a statement at the end of each month, or the latest, 1st or 2nd of the following month, for the previous month.

Quickfile just works this way, which is different to other accounting software.

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