Need to import older transactions

I haven’t logged into quickfile for a while since I had set it up to import transactions from my back. Normally, when I login, I just confirm that tagging.

Unfortunately, when I logged in today, the bank feed import had stopped. When I fixed the problem and imported, since your system can only go back 21 days, the import missed older transitions.

I could add the missing transaction manually but that will take too much time. Is there a way I can import these older transactions?

Effectively, transactions between April 4 and 27 are missing!

Hello @InfoDots

You would have to import from a bank statement.

Heres an article to help - Importing your bank statement

since your system can only go back 21 days

The number of days the feed will go back is not decided by us it is dependent on the bank, as a rule of thumb most banks allow 21-30 days.

Thought so. Already doing that. Thanks.

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