Need to remove old Deleted Invoices

Hi when i imported lots of Data from a CSV i imported some of it incorrectly and i deleted the invoices but now i need to import the next batch of invoices i cant as it stats duplicate Invoice Numbers which i cant not change so is there away to remove the deleted ones as i need to import them correctly now.

Any help would be great thank you

No, deleted invoices are never completely deleted, they’re kept around to maintain the audit trail and prove there’s no gaps in the numbering.

So that means i cant import any invoices to replace them now then so i cant do my accounts at all as i cant import them

If you absolutely must re-use the deleted invoice numbers then you’d have to edit each of the deleted invoices and change its number to something else that doesn’t clash (e.g. add a letter D to the end of the number or similar). But normally you’d just continue the usual numbering sequence and if anyone ever queries the gap you can point to the deleted invoices to explain it.

The Invoices Numbers are Generated by my System and i can not edit them in that so would need to edit them in Quickfile is there someway to show all deleted invoices so its easier to edit them and change the numbers or even restore them? then i can fix the mistake on each one and just not import them

You can view deleted invoices using the active/archived/deleted buttons at the bottom of the invoice list.

Ok i have them up how do i change the invoice number to i need to restore it then edit it?

I guess so, it’s not something I’ve ever had reason to try (I’m just a user, I don’t work for QuickFile).

No Worries but to answer it yes you need to restore it and then change the Invoice Number

An easier way would be to just import your own invoices again and ignore the deleted ones.

Just add a further prefix to the new imported invoices.

As in, yours for example may be 001 just import it as 001A. Then continue with your normal invoicing numbers once you’ve reached the end of the old deleted ones. I don’t think you’d have much bother if it was every queried.

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