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New account popup - what did it say?



I signed up for a free XS account yesterday and I was in a bit of a rush - when I first logged in to my account there was a pop-up which asked a question about setting some preferences on my account, but I closed it without thinking (or reading!).

Can someone advise what it said? I think it asked whether I was a retail or services company (or something like that) in order to pre-configure some default settings on my account.

Any help appreciated…




Hi @kingsland

I think the message you’re referring to was relating to the styling of your invoices. We support two types of invoice lines - time based, or item based. Depending on the type of business you are, depends which one would best fit your needs.

It’s not fixed, you can even add both to an invoice. Likewise, the setting can be changed too. If you go to Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation, and click on the Itemised Area (highlighted in green):

On the right you will see the option to change the default setup.

Hope this helps!


Perfect - thanks.

I found the Units vs Time option while I was having a look around, so it’s set up how I want it now. It’s good to know I didn’t miss anything though in the welcome popup.




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