New Advanced Customisation Area - Beta

We’re pleased to announce a brand new area within QuickFile that will allow you to create highly customised CSS stylesheets and HTML templates that can be embedded into key areas within the application.

You will find these options from the main dashboard by selecting the left hand menu option “Design/Theming” and selecting the following link under Advanced Customisation.

How does it work?

When you open the advanced customisation area, you will see a number of preset templates in the left hand column, clicking on any of these templates will open an editor where you can input your own custom CSS/HTML.

Typically these templates will allow you to do a number of things, here’s just a few examples.

  • Add a company logo to your login screen (at or embed a custom background.
  • Modify the default email template for all your outbound emails sent from QuickFile.
  • Change the font size, style, colour and various visual aspects of key documents in QuickFile such as client statements, purchase invoices and payment slips.
  • Completely customise your client control panel with your own headers and CSS.

With the degree of control the advanced customisation area provides you can quickly change almost any aspect of the styling within key areas in QuickFile.

We will be expanding the list of available templates over time, keep an eye on the forum to find out when new templates are added.

Beta Testing and Subscription Model

The Advanced Customisation toolset is currently in Beta testing, this is likely to persist until November 2014. During this period all the advanced customisations will be available to use within your QuickFile account. Following the beta period we intend to release these tools under an annual paid subscription. This subscription will become part of a power-user addOn pack and is likely to be priced at £30 + vat per year.

If you do not wish to continue using this service following the expiry of the beta period you do not need to do anything further, any customisations will be disabled without incurring additional costs.

Find out more

We’ve published a full set of guide in our knowledgebase covering all the key features within the Advanced Customisation toolset. Here are the guides to get you started:


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