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New direct debit email to use customised styling


I have a custom email template that is not being used on the New Direct Debit email sent to Clients.
Why is this?


Hi @syntaxlink

The direct debit email isn’t one that’s customisable unfortunately.

Why not… where does it say that?
What a waste of time.

All customisable emails can be found in Account Settings >> Routine Emails.

With anything around direct debits, there are fairly strict guidelines about what can and can’t be done. So at this time, it’s not one that can be changed unfortunately.

I am sorry but that is rubbish, as you let us copy the URL

Please accept my apologies - I just checked this with our development team, and you’re right. It’s the pages that follow that are bound to the guidelines, rather than the email itself.

I’ve moved this to a #feature request for the moment. As I mentioned, it’s not something we support, but we can certainly look at adding this in.

It is not made clean you cannot edit this email with a Power User Subscription. I feel like you have miss sold me this.

Hi @syntaxlink

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way.

Editing emails isn’t part of the Power User Subscription. This feature is available to all users under Account Settings >> Routine Emails. All email templates that can be edited are found on this page, along with the tags that they support (e.g. client name, invoice number, etc.)

However, the new direct debit mandate emails can’t be customised here at the moment, but I do agree this would be useful. I’ve asked for someone to review this and see if we can add in support for it.

Of course, we’ll let you know if there are any updates on this.

Hi @syntaxlink

Just a quick update to let you know that you can now customise the new direct debit email.

This can be found with the other email templates in Account Settings >> Routine Emails

Hi @QFMathew,

Just out of interest, if you’ve configured a HTML email wrapper in advanced customisation, will this now be used for the Direct Debit invite emails?

Hi @Oliver_Nash

Yes. Originally this wasn’t part of the same system, but when we enabled the editing of the template, it was brought in-line with the other emails.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


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