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New Integrations - April 2021

It’s a bit like one of those Top Cashback/Quidco things probably. I guess the banks want you to use their systems rather than a 3rd party payment processor? There will be some correlation between paying by BACS and them receiving more fees from certain clients, or getting more clients overall.

eBay doesn’t work correctly. It shows different data I have. Are they fees only?

Hi @awariat,

The ebay feed is still in its early stages, if you have anything that you’d like us to take a look at please feel free to send a message to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number and the issues you are having

@awariat please bear with us on the Ebay feed. I apologise, we did notice an issue over the weekend in regards to the aggregate total setting which is in the process of being fixed.


We released an update today which should address this issue. We will continue to monitor the feed.

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I noticed while doing an ‘impersonate client’ that the text on the invoice is also worded in the same way so that needs looking at too, assuming you are sure that it will forward you to a banking app if you’re on a mobile?

As a customer receiving that I wouldn’t use the Crezco option as it clearly says I need to scan a QR code.

Hi @Lurch

This was picked up recently and I believe the fix is going live later today / Monday :slight_smile:


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