New invoice import facility

One thing that we’re regularly asked on the forum and elsewhere is how to import invoices from a CSV spreadsheet. We’re pleased to announce a new data import tool specifically for that purpose. You can find the new import tool in the Data Import Wizard area (accessible from accounting settings). Here are some of the key features.

  • Import sales or purchase invoices.
  • Accepts up to 500 invoices per CSV file.
  • Auto-creates client and supplier records *
  • Allows invoices to be marked as PAID when providing a paid date and bank account nominal code.

For the full guide on importing sales and purchase invoices, see the guide below:

Importing sales and purchase invoices - guide

  • Quick File will always attempt to match an invoice to a client or supplier record before creating a new one. The matching formula is however very strict so the name you enter on the spreadsheet must perfectly match the name as stored in Quick File.

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