New Invoice Revision History

See exactly what changes were made to an invoice, when and by whom.

QuickFile now records and tracks all invoice, estimate and recurring template revisions, retaining a full audit trail on changes. Most accounting systems will show when an item has been changed, but QuickFile takes this a step further and will become the first accounting platform to deliver detailed inline track changes.

You can access the revision history from the preview screen by clicking the “more options” menu followed by “Show revision history”.

You can then cycle through each change by clicking the forward and back buttons. Any modifications to the document are highlighted as red and green inline track changes.

Track changes are recorded as of 5th February (launch date) and will apply to all future invoice, estimate and recurring invoice template edits.

This feature will form part of the power user subscription but will be available for all users to tryout over the next 6-8 weeks.

As always, any feedback or suggested enhancements will be well received!

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Aewsome. This is a great feature for those who need/want but I think it may put of some clients from using quickfile and at the same time it is a drain on resources which ultimately will need to be paid for by someone. Also, as far as I know, this is not a feature offered by most other accounting systems and just maybe it is for some good reason. My suggestion is to make this feature a configurable option on a account basis?. just an idea

Eventually (within 4-8 weeks) the feature will only be available to those who are subscribed to our power user service, so in affect it is being paid for and is entirely opt-in.

I’m not sure why it would put some users off though? I’m always interested to hear feedback on anything new.

seems fine might need bit of tweaking to make it better but underlyign feature seesm fine and no bugs i haev foudn yet. seems to work bit like wikimedia softare with history but no way to undo or redo

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