New invoice styling gallery upgrade

I am trying to do a new “estimate” (would love to change this ot quotation!) but I am having several issues, firstly I am not able to customise my layouts, I get a choice of 2 with no options to go to a gallery or customise anything. secondly an estimate i am trying to send to a client is to show a finance over 12 months example but how am i supposed to show this (i am having to use the task option but would be nice to change hours to monthly!

other than that everything seems to work!


Hi @cucinapro. If you go to ‘Account Settings’ and choose ‘Invoice Customisation’, you can change the name of the unit and the document.

Click on the word ‘Invoice’ and you can change the name of ‘Estimate’ to what you wish.

Same thing for Hours to Months. You can change the Time Denomination there, and also a few other settings which may help :smile:

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I dont seem to get these options? :frowning:

You wont see these options as you are using an old template, this template will actually be phased out in the coming months. The new template gallery is in beta phase… I can switch you to the new system at your request. All these options will then appear.

Just to warn you however that you will lose the current style, but on the plus side there are 10 additional designs you can choose from :smile:

i too would like to have the choice of sending a quotation and estimate, by the way, am i using the new system or the old one?

@steven you are already on the new system. The estimate name is set in the “Invoice customisation” area found within the Sales menu:

ahh ok will check it out…thank you…

Done it!!..didnt realise i needed to highlight invoice tab…:slight_smile:

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Hi Glenn,

That would be bliming marvellous if you could as would like to customise our formats



@cucinapro We’ve just added an option for you to manually upgrade:

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