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New Recurring Statement Options

We have just released an update to the client statement area that will allow you to configure a recurring schedule upon which statements will be automatically sent to selected clients. When you go in to view a client statement you will see the addition of a yellow tab “Setup a recurring schedule”.

This will reveal a dialogue box where you can configure the start date, frequency (e.g. weekly, monthly quarterly etc) and whether to send only when an outstanding balance exists or always.

You can also configure the scheduler to attach a PDF copy of the statement, the email will be the same as the one sent whenever a one-off statement is dispatched.

You can find more information on the recurring statement feature here.


Hi Glenn

Just wanted to say thanks for these automated statements! Between this and the delivery note you have made our lives much more efficient. Thanks very much.

I do have another request, entirely unrelated to this thread but I’ll drop it in here as I think it might be a simple one. When one is tagging a payment and applying the payment to a client invoice the “guessed” invoices that come up for the amount to be tagged do not show the invoice number. When paying down multiple invoices one gets the invoice numbers in the detail. Is it possible to also include the invoice number on the “guessed” invoice list. We use another system to keep track of our invoices (a bit of double work but helps with inventory, etc). I mark paid invoices in both QF and our other system and having the invoice number in the “guessed” section would make life very easy. Right now, regardless of whether the invoice is guess I still search in the pay down multiple option just so that I can apply payments to the correct invoices.

Finally, I noticed that you work in High St Ken. I’ve been on holiday in Canada for a couple of week and have a busy August but my day job is in Hammersmith and I would very much like to drop off a six pack of our Brixton Brewery beer for you to say thanks for your help with new QF features. Would that be of any interest to you?


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Hi Mike,

What you are suggesting has definitely been raised before. I just can’t for the life of me find the original post now!?

I think it would be a simple update so I will add this to our near term (2-3 weeks) development plan.

Thank you also for your kind offer, it’s much appreciated! We’d certainly have no problem finding a home for those beers :smile: We’re at 219 on the 4th floor, if you ring the buzzer for Bromptons Solicitors they’ll let you in.


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